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Let's Walk Hand in Hand,
On the Green & Clean Land

As we step into technologically advanced times, where the borders of concept and reality are becoming thin, our society and industry are becoming more reliant on the products that are not so eco-friendly.

Thousands of products and services are adding their share to the shrinkage of Ozone layer; many products work in a way that either harm or degrade nature.

In our vision, technology and nature should be in harmony, complimenting each other. This world belongs to younger generation, and we intend to preserve it clean, green and serene for the future generations, so that our descendants will not refer to us as “irresponsible, selfish and egoistic” parents.

Green Cleaning Association is a place for people and organizations that share our view, and are dedicated to keeping their business green and eco-friendly. Started out as an idea, we are becoming true supporters of clean business, and we hope more and more people will join us in this cause, as more and more businesses realize the importance of becoming "green" and that's what we value most.

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